Strawberry farming

Strawberry (Fragaria vesca) is an important fruit crop of India and its commercial production is possible in temperate and sub-tropical areas of the country. but varieties are available which can be cultivated in subtropical climate. In India it is generally cultivated in the hills. Its main center of cultivation are Nainital (district) and Dehradun in Uttar Pradesh, Mahabaleshwar (Maharashtra), Kashmir Valley, Bangalore and Kalimpong (West Bengal). In recent years, strawberry is being cultivated successfully in plains of Maharashtra around Pune, Nashik and Sangali towns. The strawberry is the most widely adapted of the small fruits. Strawberries are grown throughout Europe, in every state of the United States, as well as in Canada and South America. The wide variation in climates within these regions and the wide adaptation of the strawberry plant permit harvesting and marketing, the fruit during greater part of the year.

Strawberry farming

Economic Importance of strawberry farming :

Strawberry is rich in Vitamin C and iron. Some varieties viz. Olympus, Hood & Shuksan having high flavour and bright red colour are suitable for ice-cream making. Other varieties like Midway, Midland, Cardinal, Hood, Redchief and Beauty are best for processing.





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